Prayer Intentions

We thank you, Father God, for the answered prayers, and for the many blessings on our families, for the successes of our council, and for your continued love & guidance.

In their need for prayers for the Lord’s will to be done, and for His Blessings for the health & healing of the body, mind, and spirit, we offer our prayers for the following members, families, relatives, friends, and neighbors: 

For healing, health and comfort of:

Chuck Cover, Deacon Dave Huffman, David Bihn, Stephen Sampsell, Ed Maher Jr, Roy & Jean Smith, Phil Hidy, Bill Mercer, Jim Bergeman, Jay Harbin, Jim & Connie Snyder, Dale Bird, George Krejci, Matt Cornett’s granddaughters, Jessy & Tatum Riddle, John & Mary Alice Schaffner, John Carrol, Heidi Couture, Scott Hall, Stella Miller, Jeremy Cross, Michael Cross, Rocky Cuevas, Chris Menier, Theresa Ashton, Jim Wissler, Jerry Tarolli, Jack & Barb Resetar, Fred & Fran Szabo, Ed & Elaine Verkin Sr, Kathy Mehl, 

and for all of those on our parish prayer chain,

Lord, Hear Our Prayer

For the repose of their soul:

Micheline Farrow, Robert Leciejewski, Fr. Ray Ensman, Herb Gettys, Matt Cornett, Ki Jadwisiak, Beatrice Lorenz, Father Herman F. Scherger, Phillip Maher, Mike McMahon, Nancy Wisler, Denny Bergeman, Chuck Schaffner, for all of those departed who have no one to pray for them, for all of the Souls in Purgatory, and may all the souls of the faithful departed rest in your mercy, oh God, 

For these specific intentions:

•for a quick and peaceful resolution to the violence and warfare between Israel and terrorist extremists, and for an end to the violence and warfare between Russia and Ukraine.

•for our Brother Knights in Ukraine & Poland serving the needy and assisting the homeless and displaced refugees, and for our Brother Knights in Hawaii serving the needy and assisting the homeless after the summer’s wildfires.

•for the preservation of the health, homes, & faith in You, Oh God, of the Christians persecuted throughout the world especially in Nicaragua, Palestine, India, China, & the United States.

•we ask that you open the hearts and minds of our council members to your will, and that they begin attending the monthly COR meetings with the Men of Jesus the Christ.

•for the conviction & conversion of the hearts, minds, bodies & souls of luke-warm & fallen away Christians & Catholics, and for those who do not believe in You at all, oh God.

•for an increase in vocations to the priesthood, diaconate, and vowed religious.

•for the conviction and conversion of the hearts, minds, bodies & souls of all of those who believe that abortion and euthanasia are acceptable practices. Please, restore to our society the attitude of dignity and concern for ALL human life from conception to natural death.

•for all of those who serve and are served by the Department of Developmental Disabilities, the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, and other relief & assistance agencies.

•We offer prayers for the safety of all first responders, and for all who are currently serving our country in the military, for all veterans, and for all government officials, We pray to the Lord…

for the many other needs & requests we have that are not known, not remembered, or are kept in the silence of our hearts, but known by the Holy Spirit who will keep them ever before the Father with His inexpressible groanings. 

We ask all of this in the name of our Lord Jesus, your son, in whom we have our hope of salvation,


Fr. Michael J McGivney


Mother Mary


St. Michael